Vet life has the following features:

  • Animals, animals, animals - it's your choice which ones you work with
  • Hard work, dirty work,long hours, gross stuff
  • Lots of study, never know everything, always more to learn
  • Work indoors, outdoors, all over the world
  • Cool equipment, modern medicine, new technology
  • Medicine is a puzzle, surgery takes skill, emergencies happen every day
  • Births, deaths, cuddly animals, nasty animals that bite & kick!
  • Commitment, strong character - this course will not be sugar coated!

Vet or Vet Nurse?

You may be interested in a career as either a vet or a vet nurse. 

The material you learn in KVC will apply to both, at least in the early stages. 

As you work through the course there may be various topics more applicable to your interests. 

KVC Topics - all followed up with Multiple Choice Tests

Topic One Learning Material contains your theory notes, tasks and multiple choice test. The notes explain how to use all the equipment. With a stethoscope and thermometer (included in the package) and their brains ( not included in the  package!) kids will be able to perform a clinical exam on an as many animals as they can get close to!  

Topic One - What's Normal? 

Pet Consultation practical.    

  •  Clinical examination I.     Learn how to use your equipment then learn how to examine the animal's body with your equipment, learn about vet records & office procedures.      

Topic Two - What's Abnormal?                                                                                             

  •  Clinical Examination II.   Learn how to recognise clinical signs on the animals body that are not normal.  
  • Includes Veterinary Terms glossary    

Topic Three - Wounds        

  •  How wounds heal
  •  Treating wounds
  • Animal Handling Part 1

Topic Four - Pet First Aid

  • Learn invaluable information on First Aid for cats, dogs, horses - any animal!
  • Animal Handling I - safe handling, equipment

Topic Five

  •  Cardiovascular System
  • First Aid II

Future Topics:

  • Animal Body Systems - Respiratory; Cardiac; Abdomen; Nervous; Muscles; Bones & more!   
  • Medicine  Types of medicines and how we use them.     
  •  Disease - what causes disease?  
  •  Nursing procedures I - why sterilise?   
  • Animal husbandry

                Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How Long Does the Course Take?

The KVC course is ongoing - topics will be available to kids for as long as they want to study! The volume of material available in veterinary medicine is such that kids could in KVC right up to when they enter Tertiary Education.

Daunting isn't it? The fact is there is so much to learn - KVC is the tip of the iceberg. University Veterinary studies cover 6 years of education.

This is the reason KVC has been developed - to give kids the opportunity to explore if veterinary medicine is truly their chosen career!

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