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          Does Your Child Want to Be a Vet??

        Do You Want To Be a Vet or Vet Nurse?

           Teenagers - considering a career in veterinary medicine?

Kids Vet Club (KVC) is an informal Veterinary Education  programme provided by Distance Education (DE). 

Unique learning opportunities are provided by Learning Material available by correspondence, with kids having unlimited access to vet support throughout the entire course. Kids can learn at their own pace with new topics available every 2 months. All topics include task sheets and are followed up by a Multiple Choice Test. 

Created by a SeniorVeterinarian, KVC is designed for "Kids Who Want to be Vets & Vet Nurses!". 

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                RECOMMENDED AGE

    KVC is suitable for kids 10 − 18 years old.  The ideal ages are from 13 years & older. The work is based on university study, the terminology is quite technical and by it's very nature, veterinary study is challenging. The work requires a level of comprehension suited to kids at the above age level.

We do aim to present the work in a format that kids 10-18 yo can understand, and we do have members from 9 years of age. The kids will need to be prepared to study!

So if you have a keen child they are very welcome to join. Similarly, if you have a teenager who may think "It's just for little kids!" - they may want to think again!

The programme offers kids of all ages the opportunity to explore Veterinary Education to help them decide if becoming a veterinarian, or vet nurse, is a career they wish to pursue. KVC can help teenagers make the right career choice and get a head start on their career path.

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KVC is available to kids worldwide, with current KVC members all over Australia, as well as in Singapore, USA & Malaysia. In addition, kids in Perth, Western Australia, have the unique learning opportunity provided by KVC Pet Consultation Practicals. 

KVC Practicals are one-on-one consultations with the vet where the kids can bring any animal to our vet clinic, usually dogs and horses,for an extended consultation session. Kids will learn vet office procedures, how to use vet equipment and perform physical exams on their pets all the while being taught by the veterinarian.


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